Thursday, 31 July 2014

In the Nick of Taum

I promised myself I'd get these done by the end of the month. Mere hours away from failure, I managed a slightly high-pressure evening of fine detail work.

Nothing like staring down the barrel of a gun to get you working faster

Here, then, is a pair of Broadside suits.

The first suit is in the standard pose, the one you get by following the instructions.

Paint scheme the same as the Crisis team. The only slight attempt at flare is the big plasma disk reactor things on their back, where I've had a fairly crude stab at light sourcing. It's not brilliant, but it's not bad observed from table height, at least. I may yet go back over it and trying and clear it up a bit, not sure.

At least it looks deliberate. That's something.

Railgun, hunter-killer missile and twin-linked plasma rifles. Because railguns require backup. 

Number two is in a slightly more showboaty stance, something a little Arnie-With-A-Minigun sort of thing. Or so I thought until I tried to find an image to copy, and found out that even the T100 needed both mitts on the weapon.
"Actually, this is hands-free. Baby."

"Let's Rock!"

It required minor mods, partly to cover plugs and holes in the inner facing of the railgun, partly to strengthen the join at the shoulder. Worth the fuss, I think. Even if recoil will tear the entire arm off his warsuit, this guy looks pretty butch for trying. And he isn't a cookie cutter of his teammate, which I think is important.

No base at the moment. He'll need his feet near the edge of whatever he ends up on to counterbalance the weight of that ludicrous gun.

Railgun, twin-linked missile pods and some kind of targetting device on this chap. Plus an extra missile pod on the gun for luck. Missile pods are a bitch to paint, I can tell you. So glad I took more than he can field. 

Minimal barcodes for the armour. I think the Crisis suits are meant to be more elite pilots, these guys might be standard heavies. I don't really know, though.

To say that I'd rather die than use another lick of Tau Light Ochre would be a mild understatement. The bloody things are massive, there must be a good square foot of surface area spread out across each hull. What you're looking at here took a solid three hours per miniature just for that one colour. Three monochrome layers over the same ground is pretty wearing stuff to do.

Good job I've still got the drones to go, then.

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