Sunday, 24 August 2014

EXT: Fencing in the Ruins

Not much to write about the first few photos, really. I'd already got one section of fence, but I decided a few more would be in order. I've got about a foot of fencing now. What else can I say about that?

Here's a tree instead.

Yup, that's a tree.

Today's big set piece, though, I can talk about a bit more.

This is an elderly plastic statue my brother bought in a local Birkenhead junk shop about twenty years ago. For 50p. It was originally painted to resemble metal, and has been lurking on my various mantelpieces ever since.

No longer! Now it's stone (XV88 base, Agrax Earthshade heavy wash, Pallid Wychflesh heavy highlight, then stipples of Catachan Green and some Typhus Corrosion staining where I thought water would be dripping down).

And it's surrounded by actual real life chain, lovingly chopped up and glued to some old wooden blocks I found in the bottom of our wardrobe. I think they used to be soaked in camphor and used as mothballs, even though they're the wrong shape.

The snow came out pretty well - it's 50/50 PVA and bicarbonate, with a bit of white paint in, mixed to the consistency of toothpaste and applied with a lolly stick. And then more bicarb sprinkled on top while it was damp, although this dried it out and made it overly brittle in places.

Group shot

I was hoping to have some more ruins soon, but my Reaper order is delayed! Something about the moulds not being quite right, they're correcting miscasts, so I may not have my treasure chest until after Christmas now. Boo. Ah well - General Kas will be keeping me busy over the coming months, luckily, so the Kraken Conveyor Belt will remain operational.

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  1. This new commission from Kas... could it be something big and Nagashy?

  2. Well, you'll just have to wait and see, Beano fans! Gnash gnash.