Monday, 18 August 2014

Place Your Bets For The Wizards' Cup

Who will win the Wizards' Cup?

There is a secondary motive for painting a full set of Empire wizards (the first motive being my obsessive completionism). Now that I'm able to access the full set of Battle Magic cards, it got me thinking: which Lore is the best one?

There's only one way to find out...

Over the next couple of SkypeBoots, Kraken and myself will be pitting the Colleges of Magic against each other in a winner-takes-all knockout.

We'll be keeping the armies small and simple, both for speed and so that the spellcasters get a chance to shine (no sense having a wizard duel if they get cannoned off in turn 1).


500pts each, led by a Lv 2 Wizard.
  1. Death vs Fire
  2. Heavens vs Beasts
  3. Life vs Shadow
  4. Light vs Metal


1000pts each, led by a Lv 4 Wizard Lord.
  1. QF 1 vs QF 2
  2. QF 3 vs QF 4


1250pts each, led by a Lv 4 Wizard Lord, with a Lv 2 Wizard Apprentice.
  1. SF 1 vs SF 2

Kick-off is next Monday, so you have a week to place your bet (using the poll above) for which Lore will triumph!

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