Sunday, 31 August 2014

Dwarf King's Hold Kickstarter Complete

The Kickstarter Stylus and myself have been cackling to ourselves over has ended today. Never have troll hordes looked like such a probability in the future of the 'Boot, gents. Get painting those flaming weapons now.

It all got me a bit nostalgic for games long since departed from my collection. In joint honour of those games and this future one, here is a questing dwarf, reclaimed from the minion bag.

Dwarven Hero

Durgin, his name apparently was. I always loved the way that Advanced Heroquest came with rules for all the Heroquest models and tiles - even a random table for using the actual board as a mid-dungeon filler level. Durgin was my preferred dwarf over Sven Hammerhand, who actually came with the game. He had a two-handed axe that hit harder, even if he was a bit less well armoured.

In the original game, he wasn't as tough or hard-hitting as the Barbarian in Heroquest (Rogar, if you wondered). But he could disarm traps, which made him that little bit more survivable. And he's a better miniature, actually, nice detailing in the sculpt. Having covered the original enamel slobberjob, I'm much more pleased with this second update of my first forays into the hobby.

Here's the other one - Rogar needed a new sword, his old one broke. But he's now joined the bad guys as one of my Khornate Marauders. 

Dwarf King's Quest is seconds away from completion, if you want to jump on the bandwagon at the last minute. It promises pretty much everything I remember loving about Advanced Heroquest, plus a haul of very decent looking minis.

Kas and I have already had a go at the Alpha rules - very fast and simple at the moment, and good fun with it! Roll on next August...

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  1. ... there's still three hours to go, and they've just unlocked an expansion that includes a freakin' dragon!

    A pledge of Base Game & 3 x Expansions (about £100) will get you 100+ miniatures, plus sackfulls of furniture, tiles and other goodies. If you've not yet backed, and are remotely interested, you can still jump in now (a dollar pledge will secure your place, and you can increase it subsquently in the pledge manager follow-up)