Friday, 15 August 2014

The Greatest Monarch

Courtesy of General Stylus, I received shipment of various goods over the last months. Chief amongst them?A proper bit of heyday Lost and the Damned kit - a lead palanquin of Nurgle. No rider, though, just the bearers and the board.

Supplied unpainted, of course, but I forgot to take pictures at that stage.

There was also some rather fine resin bases, which was good. I'd run out of 50x50mm ones, which a palanquin requires. So I glued two cavalry sized ones together and then glued the nurgling lines across them at right angles for extra strength.

It's a great sculpt, very lively. Slightly let down by the fact that the two clumps of bearers are identical, though, which is why I mixed their colours up a bit. 

It needed a rider. After trawling ebay and discovering that the original riders (the one with sword and whip is my favourite) were generally going for about forty quid, I thoughtfully decided to make my own. Green stuff, plastic bits and some deep trawling of historical furniture later, I had this.

This is a proper mix of odds and ends. There's a heroquest ogre as the body and left arm, chopped about to have a sitting pose. Various old chaos warrior and marauder shoulder pads and hands, with a chaos knight shield. The banner pole has a DnD bugbear mace head stuck on, and the carrion crawler head makes another appearance. It's just so cheerful! I love it, crudely carved though it is. 

I greenstuffed a face, leg, straps and belts and soles for the hacked up feet, then sat him on a throne built from lolly sticks and the Heroquest throne. The backboard had previously been used to stir PVA and sand together, which left it looking sort of fungal or mossy. If only that was deliberate modelling rather than just happenstance. 

Now with legs!

A few short evenings of painting later: -

O I just can't wait to be King!

I wondered if his foot was gouty and needed a footstool. Then I decided I liked the rather childish glee it gave him, just kicking about happily on his throne. The extra-long mace is what La-Z-Boy make for the discerning Chaos Lord, so he can bash heads without having to get up.

Kind of a shame to lose this detail by sticking the chair over it. The original was much smaller and sat at the back, but hey ho. I'm not much for the subtle. 

I've never used a palanquin on the battlefield, so I've no idea how useful it'll be. Not massively worth the points, is my feeling, but it's such an iconic looking thing I feel obliged to try it out at some point. Any volunteers for a trampling?

Palanquin Conversion
Together at last!
"The Greatest Monarch on the Proudest Throne is obliged to sit upon his own arse."
- Benjamin Franklin

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  1. Nice conversion, I especially like the improvements to the carrion crawler's face (those mandibles almost look like double chins - very Nurgle).

    Glad to see the palanquin went to a good home, it's been sitting in the leadpile for years (at Homes for Miniatures, we never put a healthy miniature down).