Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ready To March

With Woofboot VII just around the corner, this weekend's battles are likely to be the last outing for my Empire army.

So for their swan-song, I'm fielding everything I have. And since everything I have is posted on this blog, that should make my army list easy to anticipate.

(although I have just painted one additional model, not featured here, just for the occasion)

That £80 Figures In Comfort case was money well spent.

The army is now all boxed up and ready to go. The best medium of transporting them in my rucksack appears to be the kitchen tupperware. Most of the foot regiments are going to smell like leftover bolognese (but after all, they are Tilean).

Gentlemen, I shall see you at the tables.

1 comment:

  1. I counted them all there, and I counted them all back.

    Not a scratch. This army has mastered advancing to a battle, and withdrawing from it. It's the bit in between where it struggles.