Thursday, 24 January 2013

Make Mine A Large

After painting Brob for the Woffboot last year, I rather fell for the giant model. It's a cracker to make as well as paint, with an immense amount of colourful options on the sprue (he says, clearly just having read a press release from somewhere).

This head goes best with the whole Viking theme, I felt.
Although they were famous for their bone combs, less for the combed-in bones.
Ebay was my supplier of choice - I bid for and got a complete set of giant sprues, minus a few arrows, for a 'mere' £20. I opted for a dragon's skull on a stick, which I believe giants can buy at the fair from an appropriate stand.

He's also got an entire goat as a waterskin and a shopping bag full of people round the back.

I wasn't that won over by the chaos options, though. The horned head is a bit beastmannish, the hooves look naff and hitting people with a chaos monolith seems, I don't know, disrespectful? Do the gods really like it when you do that? So out came the green stuff, and I decided to use the monolith as an implant, causing hideous burns and mutation all over.

He's also going to be growing a third arm/bitey mouth, taken from the old metal spawn model
 It's a recent graft, in keeping with the idea that my army are fairly new on the chaos scene and haven't totally fallen into rack and ruin yet.

Magpie, monolith and massive burns (which haven't had the final treatment of a lick of gloss yet,, I need to buy some)
The base detail is another one from an old Cthulhu model, a skull and bones on a stick. The lost grave of some unfortunate, lonely out in the snowy wastes.

It's so cold out there, your vision is blurring
After seeing the photos, I may go round and brush up the skin in places, the inking is a bit streaky. And the shading on his beard makes it look like a fake that he's tied on rather. But overall, I'm pleased, he's a nice focal point.

That completes the Chaos army for now! I can easily field 1000 points, although it's pretty ragtag and lacks speed. But that doesn't matter, because GW are now officially changing all the rules for WoC next month, and all my carefully marked marauders may well be entirely pointless.


Probably not even in the list anymore. Humph. Back to the box for me. 


  1. Very good - I like the mutations (in as much as anyone can). That's going to make a nice centrepiece - any chance of a full army portrait?

    I had no idea that new fatherhood allowed so much time for painting. I'm using this for evidence.

  2. I shouldn't get ahead of yourself - I've got heaps of free time because I'm basically unemployed (with tiny bursts of voice or teaching work). But she either sleeps or eats for about 95% of the time, and I can't really help her very much with either of those activities!

    Full army portrait is underway, I just need to pick a time when we don't have callers to array them in their splendour.