Friday, 25 January 2013

Let There Be Light

I had officially closed the book on my Empire army, but rather inept way I handled the Lore of Death in my last two battles made me want to explore a few other Colleges of Magic in their final battle. And clearly I couldn't use my existing wizards - Fire, Death and Shadow, fine. But suitable for Hysh, the Lore of Light? Never!

I picked Light because I was interested to try out the mix of augments, hexes and missiles (this is without the benefit of hindsight - I'm sure in the upcoming battle, he misfired and blew up in the very first turn). I also had this plastic model kicking around, all ready to be painted.

High Priest from Warhammer Quest
Flying carpet, magic lamp and hissing pantomime crowd not included. 

It's the High Priest from Warhammer Quest (or maybe Talisman), but he looks pretty close to the metal Light Wizard from 4th ed (a poor man's version, one might say. If one wasn't keen on plastic). I have the two acolytes as well, although there are no rules for them any more.

The paint job was a simple one of White Scar and Auric Armour Gold with colours added by the Ice Blue, Dawnstone and Shadow Grey. The flesh was Graveyard Earth with Brown Ink.

I managed to paint him in a couple of lunch hours, which was a quick turnaround for me, and made me remember how enjoyable one-off painting projects can be (which I'll definitely return to, as soon as I finish the 1,000 or so models of my armies).

The colours match my Engineer quite nicely, and thematically, he fits with the Easterling contingent, so I'm able to add a touch of the exotic without messing up the overall colour scheme.


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