Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy Shoggmanay

In the spirit of starting as one means to go on, here's a new model for the new year: -

I finished this off a couple of days ago. Then I realised I could wait until the New Year and have a terrible pun as the title, and, well, it would take a stronger man than I to resist that.

Know what I mean, nudge nudge wink wink?

The black and blue theme worked well in the end, but the hair was a bugger to get as I wanted it. Nothing seemed to work, it was either too washed out or not blue enough. In the end, a surprise wash with thinned out Polished Blue did the trick, although it does mean he's got a slightly disco glitter look in certain lights.

Wait, let me get my face ready

Both the weapons looked a bit drab as solid silver blocks, so I've added free-hand runic embossing. It's a bit uneven (the photos show the good sides, the reverse on both is distinctly cruder), but it adds a bit of flare at least.
I'm still not convinced I like the little surfers in his hair. Hey ho. 

I was going to have some kind of fancy detail on the red pennant, but I couldn't actually think of one in the end. Simpler is probably better.

Happy 2013, everyone - may your army list synergy be spectacular and your dice fall with the ones down!

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