Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Hoard o' Marauders

Another day, another twenty marauders. Not really, I wish I could paint that fast. But I've been chipping away at this lot steadily over the last week, and my current to-do list is now down to six. Plus thirty six plastic goblins and Gandalf and the dwarves and all that stuff. But I'm not counting that yet. 

Here's the new batch of Tzeentchian shields, ranked up and semi-individually: -

Might touch up the middle shield a bit, it's a bit dull just now

This means in total I've got 25 shielded Marauders. Another five, and I'll probably call that unit done. But I'm not in a hurry to assemble any more just yet.

Full house. The camera has come up with an interesting Pink Horror wash for some reason, but it was that or not have all the ranks in focus
There's also seven new Khornate Marauders, giving me a tiny unit of ten. Plenty more to do there in the fullness of time, I'd like at least twenty in this pack, probably more. But no rush!

Looking a little coy on the right?
Ah, that would be why.
A fairly plain banner with a corner detail ,
as though the cloth has been torn from a much bigger piece
Corner detail in detail
More to come in the next few days - the last rank of Warriors are half finished, and there's a couple of chunky wingers under way as well.


  1. With all this fine productivity going on, I'm really starting to feel I wasted my holidays with all this 'visiting relatives' malarkey.

  2. Miniatures count as family, don't they?

  3. I really like the Khornate banner. Nice work indeed.