Thursday, 24 January 2013

From the North

On request  - a full army shot!

Everything I've painted and based in the last four months, ready for battle!

For future plans, I'm going to base a few more of my spawn models and increase the size of the Khornate marauders by at least another ten.

In terms of a wish list, I'd still like to get a small unit of Marauder Horsemen as an option, maybe a chariot and then the warshrine. In fact, the new giant spawn creature (coming next month, I hear) plus a warshrine plus a chariot set would give me some excellent modelling options. If I become remarkably rich somehow, that's what I'd buy.

I leave you for now (the nappies are calling) with this dreadful piece of photoshopping: -

GW Box Art it ain't. But look!
My bases aren't a terrible match for real life tundra!

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