Saturday, 23 December 2017

O Nager Night

The original little donkey

Santa, you bastard. Whatever idiot put these tiny catapults on my Naughty list has only themselves to blame.

They could have been worse, I guess? They didn't actually take that long to do, just a spray of Mournfang Brown, a wash of Nuln Oil, a drybrush of Sylvaneth Bark and then the fiddly details like wheels and ammo. About two hours total, I'd reckon.

Man, this made me really appreciate why Epic 40K never really caught on. I mean, shame, because it was one of the better game systems, but painting legions of these tiny, fiddly buggers? No thanks. 

While I was taking them out of their box (their poor, unopened box, which has sat in the cupboard since the last time I opened it), I discovered there was a clutch of unpainted Picts and Saxons. Unwilling as I was to actually tackle the catapults, I suddenly found a burst of enthusiasm for finishing the entire set off, so out they came.

Three of each. There's a grumpy Pict sculpt with a very odd-looking knife...

...and a stock Viking, wielding a traditional golf putter.

But because I'm easily bored, and because I've always meant to do a Christmas Model, I did the last one to look like Santa.


That's my Twelve Tasks of Christmas complete! And I make it a running total of 11 Command Points earned - three starting, twelve for the posts all going up on time, minus 4 for Strategems allowing me to do both Ruins at once and cover the accidental Librarian paintjob.

Beat that, Stylus! And have a merry Yuletide, one and all!

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