Saturday, 2 December 2017

Elves Off The Shelves

My first swing at the Advent Painting Challenge, and I get a roll on the Naughty List: Lord of the Rings Elves!

Last Alliance Elf for Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game

Let's face it: it was the only way I was getting more of them painted.

They're quick enough to do, especially as I was leaning heavily into the washes, but there are nine of them, and they have those tiny eyes inside their ruddy Corinthian helmets, so that's why they made the Naughty List.

Last Alliance Elf for Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game

But they're nice models, albeit simplistic and monopose, and it's nice to have them in the cabinet. 

I painted them in the same style as the melee elves I did last Christmas, but with different colour robes (Kabalite Green makes a lovely compliment to the gold - ask the Brazilian football team).
  • Cloak: Drakenhof Nightshade wash, White Scar drybrush
  • Armour: Retributor Armour base, Reikland Flesh wash, Golden Griffon drybrush
  • Robes: Kabalite Green base, Nuln Oil wash
  • Sashes: Nuln Oil wash

Last Alliance Elves for Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game

So that's my first challenge done, I'm off to get my next roll!


  1. Very sharp work! The washes work very well.

    1. Thanks. They're delicate models (being both 'realistic' and puny elves) so washes are a good way not to lose any detail.

      It helps that I'm also in a hurry.

    2. I always fancied the Army of the Dead models - good value, nice look, and a good way to beef up your skeleton hoard fast. Seeing as I don't actually have a skeleton hoard, however, it always seemed rather moot.

  2. Ditto. Although the scale is so out of kilter with the Age of Sigmar Undead, you'd have to commit one way or another.