Monday, 25 December 2017

Christmas Bonus

A score of tiny catapults would have been no way to leave the Advent Challenge, really. So I kept on going.

Completionists rejoice! For here is the rest of the Naughty and Nice list. No actual points towards the resolution of the challenge, of course, but it all needed doing anyway. So once I'd finished the stuff as I rolled it, I badgered on through to the bitter end.

Nine rolls on the Naughty List compared to three on Nice, that's what I got overall. Finishing the rest of these models was therefore a speedy joy, with the possible exceptions of the pillars and the Slaughterbrute.

Pillars because, well, they're pillars. Who likes painting pillars? Pillocks, that's who.

None of them even have the grace to look properly finished. Too drybrushy, really, they need a final layer. But they can't have one, they're bloody pillars. 

And the Slaughterbrute mostly because I don't like the model very much (it's a very poor second compared to the other model the kit makes, the splendidly tentacled Mutalith Vortex Beast), but also because I just couldn't get a good paint scheme going for ages.

Half-salmon, half-crab. Definitely not GW's finest Large Monster, I'd say, just a bit busy with the spikes.

Nothing I tried looked quite right, so I kept having to go over bits and tweak with washes, and I got hella tired of the plethora of teeth, spikes and mutant bone that makes up the bulk of the creature.

I do quite like the back, with the sacrificial swords, but they're horribly fragile for such a big and lopsided monster. He kept rolling, and the inevitable happened - some snapped off and needed replacing. 

All gravy after that, which I hope you are all currently enjoying on your turkey. I'm all bloated after feasting at the Julbord all day yesterday, so I'll leave you to peruse the rest of these in peace as I go and pick the carcasses of the chocolate boxes clean like the diabetic vulture I am.

Merry Christmas!

Brother Captain Stern of the Grey Knights, here seen in his original paint job from fifteen years or so ago.

And here he is after a shower and a shave. As with Typhus, not much to do, just a bit of washing and sharpening.
Crypt Angel Disc Riding Sorcerer Librarian on Imperially Approved Hover Board

This is the third and final Crypt Angel Librarian, chanting In Dulce Jubilo

Cypher has also joined the Crypt Angels, entirely incognito
Grand Master Voldus is instead an Inquisitor, attached to the Crypt Angels to deliver a verdict on their damnation. Or possibly to cause it, hard to say with inquisitors.

Massive Darkness again - Goblin Agent
Bosses for the Goblin Swordsmen

Giant Spider - lovely model, but the base is a bit too bare. Even with this improvised victim (tissue paper, cotton thread and two old plastic space ork arms), it empty. 
So I stuck a Reaper stalagmite on it, which helped. He'll carry you, Mr. Frodo.
Graz and Prug here are an Ettin. My daughter did all the basecoats for this, extremely neatly, so it's her colour scheme I have highlighted up.
Here's his back. It's quite strappy.
This is my personal favourite of the whole lot - the Hellephant!
If Conan met one of these up a tower, even he would flee.

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