Sunday, 3 December 2017

O Little Tau'n of Bethlehem

Critical fail on my second result. Honestly.

Well, in all fairness, I'd already done most of the legwork a week or so ago - I was out on tour in a small town on the other side of Sweden, where I know from previous experience there is nothing to do in the evenings, so I took some painting with me.

Three evenings of monochrome monotony later, I'd finished the layering for these two titans. So when their number rolled up in the Advent Challenge, I decided it was only fair to finish not one, but both of them up. Coloured panels, plasma glow, lenses and a bit of final work on highlights and bases, and here we are!

These two are experimental variants of the T'au Riptide, and as such have experimental names. Forge World calls them the Y'vahra (the one with the big plasma gun and the triple rotating flamethrower, which is surprisingly a fast attack choice) and the R'varna (the twin cannon one, who's more predictably a heavy support dude). Good luck saying those together quickly and keeping them distinct.

Both are shiny, factory new pieces in terms of paint job, to go with their smaller brethren from the other week. Rushed off the production line before the kinks are all ironed out, which is why they can voluntarily take mortal wounds in order to pull assorted awful shenanigans as they overcharge their reactors.

Having tidied them out of the way, I earn myself another CP (running total = 5), and a roll on the chart. And the table was Nice to me, so there's another Crypt Angel character on its way for next time!

I did consider taking the head off and reposing it to look at the broken lamp post as though to say 'oops' but it felt a bit cheesy

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