Thursday, 12 November 2015

It Was A Rock... Lobba!

... and if that's got you humming the B-52s, then get yourself off and have a quick boogie. It's fine, I'll wait.

Rock Lobba crew for Orcs & Goblins, Warhammer Fantasy Battle

The final element of my enforced speed-painting for Kraken was the Goblin Rock Lobba. I already had one of these painted, so it would theoretically be a quick rebasing. Although I tried my hardest to complicate it.

Our starting point. The horror.

Like all my war machines, I was going to move this onto a round base (no less than 60mm, as the footprint is massive).

This actually gave me less space to work with on the base (formerly it was on a chariot base - or rather, 2 x 50mm bases crudely taped together). So the spare rocks were removed, although I did find room for a little fungus.

Rock Lobba for Orcs & Goblins, Warhammer Fantasy Battle
Mushrooms grow best in dry, sunlit places, isn't that right?

Repainting the machine wasn't extensive: just touching up the chipped paint and adding a layer of rust (Typhus Corrosion + Reza Rust) to all the metal bits. I also added some glyphs to the rock, as it seemed appropriately gobliny.

I should mention at this point about how much I like the model - compared to the previous rock lobba (which was just a long arm on a basic A-frame), this one actually looks like it could work (in a very ramshackle way, of course). One of the high points of the 5th-6th Ed. greenskin range.

Rock Lobba for Orcs & Goblins, Warhammer Fantasy Battle
The snotling is helpfully pointing "that way!"

This kit already had a snotling attendant, so there was no need to add one of my own, I painted him up in the usual vivid green.

You may also notice, in the bottom-right corner, that the goblin cranking the machine has gone. This was because a) the base size no longer accommodated him and b) I may need to remove him as a wound counter. So I magnetized both war machine and goblin, and he now snaps on happily.

Rock Lobba crew for Orcs & Goblins, Warhammer Fantasy Battle
I spoke about the Doom Diver crew being the littlest goblin?
I take it back: the one on the lever is the closest distinction between goblin and snotling.
(I went with goblin)

The crew themselves got a quick makeover: Snotling Green highlights, to give them their own distinct skin tone; recovering the ubiquitous red cloth with Dawnstone, Balor Brown or Tarren Sand; making the unfortunate squig the same colour as my herds, and adding some glyphs to the rocks.

And finally, to push them all around: a bully!

Orc Bully for Rock Lobba; Orcs & Goblins, Warhammer Fantasy Battle
"I'm a very wealthy man, Miss Steele, and I have expensive and absorbing hobbies."

I have a number of these bullies (mostly 40k runtherderz), waiting patiently for a war machine to dominate, but this one actually came with the Rock Lobba box, so I felt obliged to use him.

I was pushed for time (the evening before the battle report) to paint him, so I tried the usual tactic of 'paint it all in one session' - that session lasted over 2 hours, so it's still about half-speed.

So that's finished - and was completed in time for Kraken to rain down granite upon me,

Rock Lobba for Orcs & Goblins, Warhammer Fantasy Battle
Everybody's rockin', everybody's frugin'!


  1. Funny, it somehow looks bigger on the round base. Nice job!

    1. Thanks. And I may get my Oldhammer Fanclub card confiscated for saying so, but I reckon everything looks better on round bases.

      (although not quite better enough for me to rebase the 600-700 models I've already done)

  2. ...and thank you also for having the B52s buzzing round my head all day.