Sunday, 15 November 2015

Aim for the Black

Not for the Red

Yeah, it's Crypt Angels time!

Two more squads plus characters this week, and I shall get right on with it. Nothing much to say here, plus it's late and I ought to be sleeping, so just pics and occasional snark will have to do.

An Apothecary
Then the last of the standard Tac squaddies

Skull Squad, aptly named because their left shoulders all have skull imagery on them. Totally unlike every other GW model ever, then, a real stand-out for battlefield ID.

Then a veteran squad. To mark that they're older and wiser, pink robes for these guys, plus brass helmets and lots of blue gems on the backpacks. 

They also have a chapter standard with them

The model originally had a Grey Knights moulded banner, a lovely piece with a knight stomping on a bull-horned demon, but I felt masochistic so I swapped it for a plain one and did some freehand. Coffin, wings, blood - so far, so gothic.

Bearers of the Vestments Veteran Squad- ready to hit the field

And a Captain for one of the companies, one Captain Eox

Everybody. Everybody in the house of love. 

No fantasy stuff this time. Or no fantasy stuff right now, anyway, I'll save it for later in the week when General Stylus and I are hoping to try out another new board game.

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