Monday, 9 November 2015

It's A Long Way From Gorkamorka

Having painted up a Wyvern rider for our recent battle report, I figured I needed a Warboss on foot model (in the *unlikely* chance that the wyvern would get shot out from underneath him).

Black Orc Big Boss, Gorkamorka Nob conversion.
I mean, what are the odds of that happening?

I had a couple of Orc Warbosses to choose from, but as I'd spent all my painting time on the wyvern, I settled for repainting this Black Orc Big Boss as an acceptable substitute.

The model is a Gorkamorka Nob - back in the day, I'd spotted that you could buy the composite model without any guns, and so it could transition well into fantasy (the only stretch is that belt of bullets I've tried to make into a collection of teef).

Black Orc Big Boss, Gorkamorka Nob conversion.
That mace arm is such a bugger to rank up. This guy will be forever on the left flank.

The original paint job, as I recall, was pretty quick (I'll be putting it to the test when I get around to doing my Black Orc unit), mostly using the black undercoat to get the blackest black orc possible:

  • Skin: Chaos Black undercoat, Dark Angels Green highlights
  • Weapon blades: Chaos Black undercoat, Mithril Silver hightlights (subsequently added Typhus Corrosion and Reza Rust)
  • Weapon hafts: Tallarn Sand, Brown Ink wash
  • Armour: Chaos Black undercoat, Scab Red base
  • Belts and straps: Balor Brown base, Agrax Earthshade wash
  • Boots: Balor Brown base, Chestnut Ink wash
  • Gold accessories: Shining Gold base, Chestnut Ink wash, Shining Gold highlights

At some point, I'll get around to the other 40...

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