Monday, 2 November 2015

Oddgit and Upchuck

So we SkypeBooted last week (battle report impending) and lending Kraken my greenskin army meant I was forced to hasten, not just the wyvern warboss, but also a couple of other extra models. Starting with two night goblin shaman:

Forge World Night Goblin Shaman
In the end, he only fielded one of them: a cruel trick to make me paint faster.

This is the Forge World shaman (part of a set with the Great Cave Squig). It's certainly the most ambitious of the three - attempting to show a goblin infused (or more likely overloading) with the power of Gork.

Forge World Night Goblin Shaman
Bad Moon rising.

It's a funny kind of model to get a handle on: it's certainly interesting, but somehow doesn't look quite right from any one angle. With the central figure prostrate and two 'faces', it's hard to see the model's centre of gravity.

Forge World Night Goblin Shaman
Up and away.

I was reticent to attempt painting this model, because I didn't know exactly how to start. I wanted the 'smoke' to be greenish (with a hint of yellow, for the moonface) - but a different green to the shaman's flesh, so it would stand out.

Forge World Night Goblin Shaman
In hindsight, maybe I should have just gone with different colour smoke.

I don't have the precise recipe for the smoke, since I just kept adding layers and washes until I was satisfied: white undercoat; Golden Yellow base; Drakenhof Nightshade wash; Green Ink glaze; alternating highlights of Snotling Green, Bleached Bone, White Scar, Shadow Grey; and a bit more Golden Yellow as needed.

Forge World Night Goblin Shaman
A fistful of fungi

The rest of the painting was the usual for night goblins: Elysian Green base, Drakenhof Nightshade wash, Snotling Green highlights.

I didn't try any light source effects where the smoke touched the figure - there was so much green already in the mix, I didn't want to confuse it (and the model itself is very small, so there's not much room to play).

Forge World Night Goblin Shaman
"By da power of Mork!"

All done, the model's growing on me. It certainly makes a standout addition to any goblin regiment, and I'll use this one as the Great Shaman, whenever I need to field one.

The second shaman was a little easier, as he was just a repaint: my stalwart spellcaster of so many years: Oddgit!

'Oddgit' night goblin shaman from the 'Idol of Gork' campaign pack.
Pictured: an odd git.

'Oddgit' was the character from the 'Idol of Gork' campaign pack (some 5th Edition contretemps in the Border Princes). The design is a classic: the oversize features, the bones 'n pouchs; and - this is genius - a 'bad moon' sickle.

'Oddgit' night goblin shaman from the 'Idol of Gork' campaign pack.
I left the gold tooth to look proper gangsta.

The repaint gave him a new base, a change of skin and replaced the red robes for a Dryad Bark brown. I also tried to change the tone of the yellow features - from reddish-yellow to greenish-yellow - by adding some Drakenhof Nightshade.

'Oddgit' night goblin shaman from the 'Idol of Gork' campaign pack.
Itchy, sneaky and vindictive - everything a good goblin should be.

I think this may be my favourite night goblin character model (and there's plenty to choose from).

So that's my Little Waaagh! options taken care of (until the common goblin shamans come around).

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  1. Excellent! I really like the Forge World model, but I see what you mean about it being hard to focus on. I've never been able to make head nor tail of the one on their website, and I'd never noticed the Bad Moon face until now! Not source lighting the smoke was a good call too, much clearer like that.

    And Oddgit is very crisp, lovely stuff!