Wednesday, 11 November 2015

EXT: Fallen Statue

The concrete gloop from the burned-out shack wasn't the only leftovers from the lifecasting session recently. We also had some spare parts.


Is it weird and grotesque to make ruined statues out of chunks of your baby? Potentially. I like to think that I'm immortalising her in wargames, surely the life goal of any respectable parent.

There were two bits, discarded as the concrete hadn't settled into the mould properly and then had also come out so brittle that the casts broke as they were extracted. I glued them both to card bases, reinforced with plastic bottoms, then based them with PVA and sand, sprayed them black, drybrushed them up through various greys and flocked them.

The fist is damaged enough that it might take a second to spot what it is, particularly from some angles. The foot is better - I arranged the broken toes appropriately. Just don't count them, I may have gotten carried away.

All I need now is a broken head, to complete the illusion of a shattered colossus...


  1. Impressive. Almost makes it worth having children in the first place.

  2. My name is Podgybabius, King of Kings.
    Look at your life, my parents, and despair.