Friday, 13 November 2015

Tonight, on a very special post...

Well, this all seems like splendid news (and remarkable that the too-good-to-be-true rumour preceding it actually turned out true),

Perhaps a new Necromunda game will finally goad me into painting my Escher gang. Mind you, I wouldn't pass up a Blood Bowl game either. Or maybe Epic.

Oh damn, GW, just shut up and take my money.


  1. It's true. Too true to be good. Just as I find myself overcommitted to Saga, Frostgrave, AoS and Dungeon Saga, they go and threaten to bring back all the old favourites. I'm doomed to a life of penury, painting an endless leadpile with dwindling talent.

    1. Ah, but very few of these games require more than 50 miniatures to play, so maybe the future is in digestible tasks, rather than taking on Sisyphean projects for mega-armies.

      (I say this looking at a leadpile that never seems to dwindle)

    2. I think the worst thing is that now I'll start wishing I hadn't sold off all the old games I used to own.