Wednesday, 17 September 2014

...The Bad...

Right, that's more than enough sickly goodies.

Ogre Champion
Stripes are slimming, you know.

My daughter picked this one up and asked what it was. 'An Egyptian Mummy,' I told her. So she picked up the ogre and said 'Daddy?'

Heroquest Skeleton
The classic skeletal reaper. 

Lightning Trident
This is a rubbery plastic DnD skeleton. It has the worst trident sculpt I've ever seen, just a rounded plastic cutout shape. I tried it in silver first, it looked worse than it did unpainted. The lightning bolt is an improvment, especially seen against a dark background, erm, like here. Still, no bad thing to practice my freehand elemental effects, as you will see in time. 

Most of these are first-time jobs, although a couple are redos. I've painted several mummies, fimir and skeletons from Heroquest over the years, but I never seem to run out. The mummies in particular are a favourite - really good sculpt, that one. And they've aged well, I think, although a lot of that is to do with my rosy-tinted view on the classics. 

Spectral Figure
Another DnD model, the wraith. It's just floating rags, really, with a bit of a hunchback going on. I thought I'd practice some GW ethereal sprite work. You know, just in case any of this End Times stuff ends up on my desk ever. 

King of Bling
Fimir! Most underrated of all the old school Warhammer races. Never to get their own army list, I've accepted. At least the Forge World ones were good models. 

Staple Face
A very old school Chaos Warrior. Too poor to even afford a whole helmet all these years. So he gets a modern Marauder shield to help compensate. 

Better Red Than Dead
And another brooding oldie. You can tell this was made in the 80s. The mark on his left shoulder is that of the true Dark Gods - a communist hammer and sickle.
One of the Fantasy Army box set Dark Elves. Lots of smeary enamel to paint over, and I didn't really manage to correct it much in post. Actually, quite a good model I think, lots of nice details in terms of gear and armour. 

The Daemon Heart Face icon needs a lot of work, although it's actually not as bad in this photo as it is in real life. Maybe I jsut need a lot of practice on Dark Elves. Lucky that. 
One good, one bad - you know what that means, right?

One still to come...

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