Thursday, 18 September 2014

...and the Predictable

The poor old Gargoyle from Heroquest, lord love it. A well-intentioned model that hasn't really stayed abreast of current monsters. Still, it's a good sculpt at heart.

Guess who's back? 

Vainly, have I searched for a 'before' shot of this old hulk. There isn't one, so you'll just have to take my word for it that it was a revolting morass of heavily applied enamel. Some of it conformed gently to the suggestions of the actual moulding, but mostly not.

The metallic enamels already covering it were slippery and not very receptive to a new coat. Other than repainting the wings, I actually decided to leave it as it was and do my best.

Some inspiration from the models in the last post - an elemental effect for the whip, with it's child-friendly safety tip. Eerie green slashes and glows for the skin and face, similar to what I'd been practising on the Wraith model.

Just as I was wondering if I should take the wings off to get a better crack at the back, they snapped off in my hand. And broke in two.

Green slashes taken from an idea in the only White Dwarf I still own, the one where the Chaos Warshrine was released. They had something in their Paint Splash on how to do your juggernaut riders with lava stripes, this is a different colour but same technique. Looks a lot better from further away, too!

It's been through a lot, this model. The wing snap was an old war wound, from when I took HQ to my youth club (aged 13). The older, meaner kids thought it was so ridiculously nerdy they swiped the Gargoyle, broke it and stuck it under a sofa at the back of the room. Many years later, it got glued to a square of cardboard so it could double in our DnD campaign as Drakar, General Leofa's half-draconic sorceror.

Pocket Bloodthirster
A little Skaveny, somehow?

And now? Well, it's back to something approaching it's proper state, I suppose. A big, magically animated statue ready to kick some hero's ass. Hell, it's about time.

I challenge!


  1. Splendid salvage work. It's still a decent model (although that loincloth makes an unfortunate silhouette).

    Shouldn't the guy in the Braveheart warpaint be busy voting?

    1. They may take our lives, but they'll never take our Salmond!