Saturday, 6 September 2014

Break's Over

Back to the War. All these flying elves and manga robots - you start getting withdrawal after a while. I realise it had been over a month since I last painted either a horned helmet or a skull.

You know it's bad when you start seeing subliminal messages in a cushion shop.

I also had omens and portents, seen around Gothenburg as I wandered about. Things that told me I had strayed from the path and that the Dark Gods were not unaware.

Or when the Blood God appears to be behind building work at your local supermarket. 'Sweco' my ass.

Luckily, I have rewards! Rewards for my laboured painting. The excellent General Kas has supplied me with some vintage Chaos Warriors - these splendid Jes Goodwin classics, still redolent of a faded age of glory.

Jes Goodwin chaos warrior
Scythe or mace? YOU decide!

They'll probably see service as either Chosen or standard Warriors in my lists. Which is a problem, because they really don't rank up at all. Not even a bit. Unless you count a unit three deep and one wide, which I think most battles won't.

Jes Goodwin Chaos Champion
This is one of the best weapons I've ever seen on a Citadel model - a whackingly brutal great two-handed sword, yet still somehow a plausible one.

A variety of styles and paintjobs - there's a Nurgley one, a Khornate one and one who's probably Tzeentchian but might be Slaaneshi if you pressed him.

Jes Goodwin Chaos Champion
Uggs for the Throne of Khorne!

But the elven work of late has taken a toll - I had a strange hankering to paint some goodies as well.

Painted High Elf
I'm very pleased with the gold armour here - Beaten Copper basecoat, then layered with Shining Gold. Flesh Wash over that, then another Shining Gold highlight and a couple of tiny touches of Runefang Steel.

This is one of the High Elf archers from the old 3rd edition box set (or was it fourth?). I never painted anything from that lot, goblins or elves, which is a shame because they were pretty good models. It was the monotony of the monopose that put me off. Good thing I only kept one, really, that reduces the monotony a lot.

Ask yourself, Punk, did I fire one shot or... wait. Hang on. 

With him (her?) come two more revived classics. That means I've got all the heroes from Heroquest redone now.

Heroquest Elf
The original sword had become a jagged stub, replaced by the blade from a Chaos Warrior sword and given a dubious green lightning effect (Mithril Silver washed with Black Ink, then highlighted with Runefang Steel and White Scar before a Green Ink wask)

Painted Heroquest wizard
Raise your hand if you're still not wearing armour

Which has got me tempted to do a round-up of Heroquest baddies as well...

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  1. Excellent OldHammer there - and coinciding with my next painting update too. This is clearly a theme (down with the plastic titans of the End Times!).