Monday, 15 September 2014

I like to Move It Move It

General Stylus kindly donated some scraps of board to my hobby cause a few months back. Like all my basing projects, it got stuck at the back of the queue and left to malinger.

Silly really - in total, I think constructing and painting these took me two hours tops. A set of five movement trays, swampy tundra style, ready to rock!

Nothing elaborate in there. PVA glue and sand mixed to a good sticky concrete, then slathered over the sides. A few rocks and features stuck here and there (only one skull. I mean, it is GW-related stuff, so it sort of has to somewhere, but let's not be tacky about it, eh?), a coat of Rhinox Hide with highlights, black for the platform and then a bit of flock and snow. Bob's yer uncle.

They aren't a perfect fit - the ground is darker than some of the older bases, and I can't measure accurately to save my life so they aren't quite the right size for some unit configurations. But they look decent and they work perfectly well, so I'm happy!

I'm happy too! I'm always happy!

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