Thursday, 4 September 2014

EXT: Compact and Bijou

As you may have seen from some of the SkypeBoot photos, my terrain collection has recently acquired some nice new additions. Following a request from Kraken to elaborate on the grainy Skype images, let's look at them in some more detail...

Resin-cast painted ruined buildings
"An attractive old building with distinct features."

You pick up some real bargains on eBay. That's what I tell myself when I get caught in a bidding war over some cast-off dwarf plastic hammers. But in this case, it may actually be true. I got these for £15 the pair. They're resin-cast, superbly detailed and hand-painted.

Resin-cast painted ruined buildings
"Excellent views from the rear of the house."

From the roof timers, rotting thatch, and uneven chimney bricks, a lot of work has gone into making this look authentic (rather than 'dolls house' perfect).

Resin-cast painted ruined buildings
"The cottage retains a lot of its original charm."

I found these when I was on the hunt for ruined scenery (take note: I still haven't given up hopes of a WoffHeim weekend), and these fit the bill nicely. A bit too much vegetation perhaps, but they certainly look as if they've been hit by a meteor.

Resin-cast painted ruined buildings
"Very suitable for DIY enthusiasts."

I tried to track down where these came from, and the maker's mark is from 'Dreamholme Creations'. I won't bother linking, as their website seems long-dead, but the internet archive tells me that these pair used to sell at £13 each (which still sounds a pretty good deal - no wonder they went out of business)

And look at the details around the back of the house: flagstones, broken timbers and even a wee barrel. The top floor even lifts out, if you want to make things extra-ruinous.

Resin-cast painted ruined buildings
"Superb ventilation."

The scale is a funny one: they're definitely a bit poky for the 28/30mm scale of Warhammer (though perfectly serviceable - ye olde houses were smaller back then, right?), but they might be too big for 15mm scale.

Resin-cast painted ruined buildings
"Within bowshot of all local amenities."

It turns out I should have split the difference: there is such a thing as 25mm scale, and apparently these were designed for that.

Conversely, they make excellent hobbit-scale.

Resin-cast painted ruined buildings
"The lower floor can be used as a kitchenette."

So thanks Dreamholme Creations, wherever you are. You're making all my cardboard buildings look rubbish!

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