Friday, 22 March 2013

The Progress of Works

Well, I've mostly been busy with my other, more important, miniature collection. But in the odd moment when she's been asleep, I've got a few bits and pieces underway. Very little actually done, of course, but I felt I couldn't put any pictures of new stuff up until I had at least something complete to show.

I was so tempted to paint him a non-canon colour, like puce or violet.
Gandalf is certainly not going to be grey when I do him. 
If you banish all thoughts of the film, Radagast here is actually a lovely model. Plenty of tiny details, particularly the base, which bristles with tiny spiders and bracket fungus on logs. Sadly, the film overshadows my every thought whilst painting this, and Radagast's scenes in it were pretty much hands-down the worst.

So he's straight off to the boxes of oblivion on the shelf, as I'm unlikely to ever field an Amber Wizard and flat out refuse to play the special Radagast scenario the Hobbit came with. It's the one where he and Gandalf venture deep into the goblin-infested Misty Mountains looking for clues as to the Necromancer's plans. What's that? You don't remember it from the books? Well, neither does Tolkein, but he's not complaining so it must be okay.

Standard or weapon? You decide.
Here's the all-new champion for the Khornate marauders, wielding a tiny clue as to which box set I may have just purchased.

If that wasn't enough, here are some more hints.

The conversion has been revamped a bit, but Disco Wizard at the back there is still involved
Still guessing?


  1. Very promising. And after my next WIP is posted [SPOILERS], I reckon that almost every player will have access to a chariot of some description - surely a Ben Hur style mini-game is on the cards!

    Nice work on Radagast - you opted not to include the bird-poop detailing on his face, I notice.

  2. Good work. Can we see more of the conversion please?

  3. It's under way at the moment - should be done in a day or so, depending on sleep schedules!