Saturday, 16 March 2013


Balls. I hate it when you can't go to a party for perfectly good reasons, but really wish you could and spend hours mentally picking out what you would have worn. At least this tendency of the modern male has given rise to the sport of Fantasy Football as we know it.

Okay, you can redo the first sentence as 'I hate it when you can't be manager of Chelsea for perfectly good reasons, but really wish you could and spend hours mentally picking out which striker you would have fielded', but I really don't get football. Party frocks were the nearest equivalent I could get my head around.

To this end, I hereby propose Fantasy Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

The rules are simple - you pick out 1000 points from someone else's army list, and you score 1 point for every selection that matches the actual list on the day. You don't have to get the unit sizes right, but they do need to be armed the same, including the inclusion or not of command. Heroes get a point for the correct wizard level and non-magical equipment. Separate 1 point bonuses for magic item selections. If you manage to select something word-for-word accurate, 5 bonus points.

The fact that some of us have more limited selections to pick troops for is part of the fun, I reckon. I'll be selecting a 'what-if' Warriors of Chaos army, and I don't think anyone would struggle to get near the mark, given the entire painted selection is up on my General profile page.

Winner gets an extra can of beer from the fridge.


  1. Sounds good. How do you suggest this working - we just post our guesses in the comments section?

    One thing we'll need in advance are the lists of everything available to each player. At the moment, the only lists on the General profiles belong to myself and Kraken (I can add Yalfrezi's Dwarves too - though it probably wouldn't be sporting for me to guess that one!)

  2. Sorry chaps, I simply don't have time to partake of this side-bet.

  3. I hadn't given much thought to the practicalities, as usual. Perhaps reveal your guesses around the time of the real list parade? Very much intended as an optional and not very serious venture, mostly because I thought the idea of Fantasy fantasy was funny.