Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Jet lag cure!

So I found a new cure for jetlag...

I got home from India at 1pm on Sunday, and after doing the usual washing, showering, food and unpacking I mulled over the best course of action for my day.

So after a bit of pottering, I picked up 12 undercoated seekers, and set about getting to work.

They are not quite done, but with base coat on steed, and highlight, and skins, metal and washes on the riders means I have black, final highlight and couple of bits of tidying and bases to do. I was initially planning on doing a single unit - but the semi-comatose brain, I ended up factory lining all twelve.

Want to play a game... how about hide and seek!

I see you

Seeing the results the next morning, I thought I would continue and picked up the final sixteen daemonettes, which turns my core unit into a forty strong horde.  They are in a similar state and so need the same black, final highlights and tidying - but coming along.

 My box wasn't wide enough to photo as the horde... but beware!

Get in formation guys!

And finally, the Hellflayer

I've got a brand new combine harvester....

So there should be no doubt now as to which army I am taking for woffboot vii.

Also I can't wait to go on another trip, so that when I get back, I can factory line my Tzeentch horde that is undercoated!


  1. Boo Hiss Slaanesh, campest of the Dark Gods. Curvy bases in line with their curvy forms?

  2. Great stuff - that's quite a painting session! I had no idea severe fatigue could be so hobby productive (perhaps Kraken can comment on that?)

    So an all-Slaanesh daemon army then? How are you putting the round bases into the square movement trays - a bespoke one, or just fitting them in tight?

    1. Yeah, I've got heaps done in the last month. I'm just too tired to take photos.

    2. Fitting in tight, actually having them on round bases means it is a lot easier due to ability to rotate as required. Genius idea

  3. With retrospect, was this just a cunning piece of misinformation?

    1. That is a scurrilous and entirely correct accusation. How dare you besmirch the integrity of our reigning champion?

    2. I particularly like 'I can factory line my Tzeentch horde' as a final touch. Nicely done!

    3. I am not sure I like this perfectly logical insinuation...