Friday, 22 March 2013

Alt Terrain Vehicle

Given that the entire Woffboot happens deep in the echoing caverns of the lost Dwarven hold, I thought that Ben ought to repaint and redesign all the available scenery to relect this. He said no, so I wrote this optional set of terrain rules.

I'm also working out a potential final scenario, that anyone with time or inclination could play out to determine the final fate of Gazarkhame, but it's another optional one. Maybe a tie-breaker if needed?

If both generals so desire, use the following table for instead of the Mysterious Forests one in the rulebook.

Mysterious Stone Arboretum
1 – It’s just some mushrooms
Despite resembling one of the fabled stone gardens, this cluster is actually just weirdly large but totally harmless fungal growth.

2 - Obsidian Oaks
The flakes of black glass that make up the leaves of these intricately carved trees break up and disperse the winds of magic.

Any unit with the majority of its models in this wood gains Magic Resistance (1)

3 – Slate Sequoias
This tall stand of stone columns bears large but fragile leaves of slate on their tallest boughs. The slightest knock can bring these crashing down – tread carefully.

Roll for any unit at least partially within the Slate Sequoias at the end of the Movement phase. On a 4+, the unit suffers d6 S4 hits.

4 – Diamond Deadwoods
A king’s ransom of gems studs the stalks and boles of these trees. It would take a strong mind indeed not to succumb to avarice and pause a little to strip the bark for jewels.

Any unit at least partially within this forest is subject to Stupidity. Any Dwarven unit at least partially within is also Stubborn.

5 – Lava Larch
These stone pipes resemble trees, but are in fact something far more dangerous. Grimfork has managed to funnel lava through them, booby-trapping the entire wood. The ancient valves are closed and heavily corroded, but a badly-placed shot could cause blazing lava to spew out in all directions!

Whenever a unit in this forest is fires or is hit by missile weapons, roll a d6. On a 6, a lava blast is unleashed! Roll the scatter dice and place the breath weapon template with the narrow end at the centre of the wood and the fat end pointing in the rolled direction. Models touched by the template take a S4 hit with the Flaming Attacks special rule.

This can only be triggered once per wood per combat, as the lava reservoirs are limited.

6 – Warpstone Willows
The slender crystalline twigs that decorate these ornately designed sculptures are razor sharp. With a bit of careful breaking, they can make delicate but lethal weapons.

Any model or unit in the thicket can opt to harvest some branches to temporarily replace their current weapons. This gives them them hand weapons with the Poisoned Weapons and Armour Piercing special rules (close combat only) for a single round of close combat – the branches are too fragile to last longer. 

The warpstone pieces must be used at the first opportunity, they can't be saved for later, and the unit can't use their other weapons or shields for the time being.
When the warpstone shards dissolve, the unit takes a d6 S2 hits with no armour saves allowed, to represent the terrible warping quality of the crystals. These are resolved at the end round of combat and will count for combat resolution. 


  1. Sounds fun, and I'm up for this. A final 'extra' battle was possible last time, and so may be gain if the rounds don't exactly sync.

    A note on woods (with apologies to General East) - I understand that the latest ruling on the Wood Elf 'bonus' wood was that it had to be placed in the deployment zone and not - as was more common - right in the middle of the board.

  2. Thanks, Kraken. Yes, normal woody woods wouldn't seem right beneath the mountains.