Sunday, 10 March 2013

Da Brave 'Arts

"Dem Orcses is da backbone of the Waaagh!. Dey gets in a big solid mob and fights wiv spear and shield and choppa."

"Also, dey paintz exactly half of their 'eads, which iz symbolic of the Aristotelian principle of excluded middle. Waaagh!"

Savage Orcs

With a little advance painting work by my 19-year old self, the second unit of Savage Orc infantry got turned around a bit faster than the first. This lot are the standard rank-and-file of the army, though still formidable in close combat (in theory...)

They come with shields (not hugely useful: Frenzied troops can't parry; and even if they could, they already get a 6+ ward save from their warpaint, so it wouldn't count) and, in some cases, spears (added for the sake of completeness, although they might be more useful than the shields).

In gaming terms, I suspect they're all going to be proxies for two hand weapons (their shields and spears just being additional bits of wood to batter their opponents).

In addition to the 16 old-style savage orcs I repainted, I needed to do another 9 from scratch...

Savage Orcs
Spears and shields. Because stoic defence is what Savage Orcs are all about.

And finally the command group. I do have a second Savage Orc Boss model, but I've got other plans for him. So the unit champion is a converted standard bearer (the same model as the Big 'Uns standard bearer), with the banner pole removed, a stone hammer placed on top, and some green stuff to make the shaft look like wood.

Savage Orcs
The savage orc on the left isn't part of the command group. He's the extra rank filler that made me start this whole project.

That's 49 Savage Orcs in total. The WoffBoot Waaagh! is starting to take shape.

Savage Orcs


  1. I really like the shields, the black skull theme is very stark and primitive. Appropriately so, I'm not having a go at the brushwork.

  2. Thanks. One of the things I'm enjoying about painting Orky glyphs is that nothing has to be symmetrical and nothing has to match. Which is handy.