Saturday, 1 September 2012

WoffBoot VI - Ogre Kingdoms vs Lizardmen

M'grash, at camp, picked the last of a morsel of food from his teeth with a rat femur. They were a little stringy, and not much meat on each one, but thankfully the general of the Skaven had thought to bring so many that the ogres had fed well.
A worried K'mang entered the butcher's tent and explained that the supplies were running low. The ogres had feasted well, and were getting restless. There must be more of the meat out on the field of battle, so M'grash picked up his crown and spiked glove and stormed out of the tent.
"Right boys, we is 'eading back to the field o' battle; thoz runty rats tasted alright, but there werent much on 'em..."
K'mang picked up her beard and strapped it to her face, preparing herself for battle. She prepared a potion just in case she bumped into any more of those pesky vampires; and readied herself.
M'grash led his boys back to the earlier battlefield but there other interlopers who had perhaps found the same find.
Hideous blue skinned reptilian creatures skittered and picked at the corpses.
"OI! Thems my pickings lizard boy"
That was enough of a battle cry that was needed for the hungry ogres, and the bulls moved forward. The mammoth followed up ponderously, tusks swinging as its heavy feet shook the ground underfoot. The belchers, still conscious to prove themselves after their defeat with the spiders earlier were careful to lag back, loading their cannons.
As soon as the lizards considered moving the belchers lit their fuses and aimed roughly in the general direction of the bigger lizards and closed their eyes and hoped... KABOOM!
When they opened them again, two of the cavalry were falling down the hill cripped with axeblades and other weaponry embedded in them.
K'mang, passed one of M'grash one of her brews, who necked down the tasty brew and the hardy gruel tasted good.
The cavalry charged down the hill towards M'grash; and crashed into the ogre.

It was not just M'grash's pride that was hurt as the cold ones stabbed relentlessly with spears and several of the ogres fell.
M'grash looked at his men when they realised they had not hurt anything. They were used to sweeping swathes of enemies away, and the the same cold one faces stared back: something was wrong. He considered for a brief moment turning and running, but his pet was behind him and he knew it would hurt running through those tusks... He urged his men to keep at it.
The rallying cry was enough and with renewed vigor the bulls swung hard at he cold ones. They were fast, but a pincer movement from two of the ogre clubs and one cold one lay dead. The lizard saurus fled. A bunch of skinks, seeing this, also decided to leave with their leader.
K'mang and her cannons sneaked forward, but as she did she pulled the potion of swirling arcane energy; throwing it hard at the enemy.
The potion shattered releasing an uncontained excess of magical energy; too much for the poor skink priest to comprehend; he, and his comrade, immediately looked dazed and perplexed and the winds of magic no longer encircled the two. The cannons then fired and tore the ex-wizard into pieces.
With the mammoth now offering support, throwing arrows the size of tree trunks at the line up of skinks, which pierced right through the ranks.
The krox with the skinks beat them into submission and they turned, ready to shoot at the ogres, but the saurus had had anough and fled the battlefield; clearing preparing himself for another day.
With the saurus general gone, and the wizards unwizardly, the lizard army was looking dejected and deciding stubborn. The ogres charged the skinks, but on their way past grabbed the pesky flying pteradons above and trampled them underfoot.
The cold blooded lizards, not welcoming the chilling aura from the mammoth, shivered and collapsed in short order as the ogres bellowed triumphant.
With a final swing of yell and bawl the ogres faced off the one remaining lizard ex wizard and almost felt sorry for the poor skink... almost. Then M'grash picked him up and bit his head off.
They might not have found the rats, but they had found some lizards to try; and some looked like they had more meat than the rats anyway. So scooping up the remnants of several skinks and kroxigors they head back to camp to try out some new recipes.

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