Friday, 21 September 2012

Meet The Gang ...

While the suggestion of Woffheim tournament continues to linger like a fart in an elevator, I thought I'd let some more of my old miniatures out into the daylight.


Reiklander gang for Mordheim
In a staggering departure, I moved away from my green-and-flock bases.

Metal gangs and plastic henchmen were the vision for my Mordheim collection. The idea being that I could bring colour into the city-designated character models, but have keep the random warriors in dun-coloured rags (and hence interchangeable).

The Reiklanders got red - although I went with a different painting technique than my armies. Chaos Black undercoat, and then only thinly applying the base coat, allowing the dark to show through in patches (even on faces and hands), or just discolour the model.

I think it worked to create a dirtier, grubbier feel to the warriors, and it's applied through most of my Mordheim stuff.

von Alder, captain

His promotion came not because I particularly like the model, but because he happens to be wearing the most armour.

It's a model I picked up in Orc's Nest and, like many non-GW products, just a teeny bit smaller. Certainly that arrow I added looks like it's pinned his shield to his shoulder.

Reiklander captain
"Which is handy, because I don't actually have a left arm."

Wittengast, champion

The only official Reiklander model in the gang, and my favourite sculpt of the lot.

A nice dynamic pose, lots of belts and pouches (on the far side is a gourd that I managed to paint like green glass - magic potion style) and a handy sword/buckler combination.

He also has that red templer cross on his breastplate, that I copied out to the other members (I don't have Secret Language - Icons, so have no idea if this has in-game meaning).

Reiklander champion
The potion gives superhuman strength.
Lasts for the length of one Asterix adventure.

Fritz, youngblood

In contrast to the champions, the official Reiklander youngbloods are very uninspiring (unless you get inspired by puffy shirts).

I had a couple of models left from my Marksmen of Miragliano regiment - they're quite diminutive and festooned with ropes, bags and pouches, so would make great youngbloods, once converted (I'd had enough of crossbowmen).

This one got a plastic halberd from the Milita sprue and, because Reiklanders are supposed to be good shots, a bow and quiver (borrowed from a High Elf) on his back.

Reiklander youngblood
The face mask is so he doesn't catch germs.
In the wyrdstone-strewn city.

Karl, youngblood

Actually, this one might be my favourite. He looks so mournful and unhappy to be there (which is of course the correct reaction to being in Mordheim). There's also a sense of Rodney Trotter in his long face and gormless expression.

Through some converting incompetence, he has a comically long spear. I might get around to fixing it, but I quite like the implication of cowardice (like Brave Sir Robin's outsize shield). Naturally, his kite shield (another High Elf extra) is also the largest in the band.

Reiklander youngblood
"The business end of the fighting happens 8ft away from me.
And I'm fine with that."

Hans, youngblood

Mordheim gangs are only allowed two youngbloods - but none of these guys looks Champion material, so it will either be house rules or the subs bench for one of them.

This one was converted to actually get some useful play out of him - I thought a sword and axe combo would be quite effective. And I like the way the arms forced me to angle the weapons - as if he actually knows what he's doing with them.

Reiklander youngblood
Two 'Hans' weapons. Geddit?

Forward! For Siegfried, Grand Prince of Reikland!


  1. Did you ever read the Asterix 'choose your own adventure' books? They came with a special dice, some card tokens to represent your doses of potion and other abilities, rather like 4th ed DnD. I think they were made by the same studio as the Famous Five books of similar ilk. Those also had handouts, from which you had to choose a codewheel, a compass or some life restoring ginger beer and ham sandwiches, each of which would beat certain challenges. An easy decision, every time - nobody defeats nasty gypsies without scoffing down some wizard grub.

    As opposed to a Wizard Grub, which is also DnD.

  2. Yep, I had the Asterix and my sister had the Famous Five (I may still have them - since acquiring a spare room, my father has started unloading every childhood box they've been storing for me, including crates and crates of books - if I find them, watch out for a future post).

    I liked the extra bits of dice, codewheels and tokens (as opposed to the 'go to page 56' basics of the Fighting Fantasy) - although the 'magic potion' cards ("you run into a Roman patrol: drink one dose of magic potion") made a lot more sense than the 'ginger beer' ones ("you are trapped by smugglers: drink one bottle of ginger beer ... I guess?")

    Going through those made for a happy summer holiday ... once I managed to avoid all that fresh air and sunshine.