Monday, 24 September 2012

The First (Savage) Cut

Conversions aren't really my forté (or indeed, any moderately priced hotel group), but my pile of Savage Orcs did need some work doing to them before I could start on the real work of painting.

No easy snips with plastic here.
Real men work with lead and pewter.

There were three main issues to address:

  • Too many character and command group models. They're all smashing, but repetition is going to dilute the impact of them.
  • I have a couple of chariots and no designated charioteers.
  • I want my unit of Big 'Uns to have two hand weapons, and no such models exist. (I know we can wink at such things - and will have to for most of them - but I'd like to make the effort to show them).
Out with a very battered pair of clippers, a fairly useless GW-issue saw, an pin vice that has been with me from the beginning, and my trusty 30amp fuse wire!

Conversion 1: the body swap

I've got three excess trumpeters,
and don't need another Boar Boy standard.
(his banner pole was already removed).

Clean cuts straight through the torso.
Then swapped them over and pinned in place.

He was supposed to be a regular boy (with a club in the other hand),
but I liked to look of him so much, he got promoted to Battle Standard.
The standard is metal coat hanger (it needs to be strong, for what I've got
planned for the top!) that I originally cut for my Wood Elf cavalry.
To keep it in one piece (for strength), I drilled a large hole straight through his hand.
(lost a pinky finger doing so, but I can green stuff that back).

A second musician for the Boar Boys (I plan to have two units)
A lot of his back is missing from the cut, so it's green stuff for that.

Conversion 2: the charioteers

A Savage Orc Boss (that pose would make a great spear thrust).
and a Savage Orc Big Boss (already got one, so need to convert).

Off with the club, on with a Boar Boy spear, plastic whip from the chariot set in the other hand.
Add the bone jaw from the chariot set - it fits, but I'm not sure if it's too big for the model.

Perfect pose for a chariot warrior.
I'm going to use more fuse wire to hide the mismatch in the join.

Conversion 3: the arrer boyz

I like this arrer boy (unofficial) champion - but I've got two and only want one to stand out.
Oh look, it's another trumpeter.

Despite there being 16 arrer boy models, there are no command ones.
Snipped off his club and gave him a Goblin bow.
(pinned all the way through his hand, to be secure).

My plan was to remove the entire bow - the top half snipped off his arm
quite easily, but the bottom was too attached to his foot to remove without serious mangling.
So I'm painting that as a bone knife (still two hand weapons).

Conversion 4: the big uns

Got three of these standard bearers.
I like the bone drummer, but I have two and only want one to stand out
(and don't need any more musicians).

Drum sawed (then twisted, when I ran out of angle) off his side.
Traded his drumsticks for two clubs, and he looks much happier about it.

Easy replacement of banner with club head
I've since amended the join, so it doesn't look so skewed
- the photos are a good way of reviewing work!

Another Boar Boy standard that I don't need, but I do need a few more spear-armed ones.
His banner top was already gone, so I stuck a Forest Goblin spear head on top.
Everything on this page was drilled and pinned - this was the exception, as it was too small.
Snipped off his club, so he can have a shield on that arm.

This will be the actual standard for the Big 'Uns.
Had to remove the banner top - but joy! A plastic banner from the Goblins!

This standard bearer is already in my regular boys.
I was going to make him the Battle Standard - until the unexpected promotion, above.
A swap of his banner top for a club head and he's got a great weapon.

Now to to start kneading a lot of green stuff...


  1. Was it the orc's pinky or your own that you drilled through? Kudos if the latter.

    1. In this instance, it was the orc's pinky.

      I drill and cut through my own fingers so often, it's not worth mentioning.

  2. Very impressive, my young paduan-learner.

  3. Anyone interested in the possibility of a free miniature? One of the ebay sellers I've recently been in touch with is holding a competition on his Facebook page, If he gets 200 Likes, he'll do a draw to win your choice of BSB.