Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bag of Fully Enumerated Minions

Well, this trusty Adidas nylon sack has seen me proud through the Firetop Campaign. But that's done and dusted now. This very patchy selection of old models is mostly just sitting inside it, slowly falling apart.

I'd confess to being loathe (at best) to part with them - most of them are collector's pieces now, from discontinued games or lines. But just in case there's something in there that you're desperate for, here's that cast of thousands in full: -

Ogre Kingdoms

Gnolls at rear left, DnD ogres on right, Bugbears in foreground
6 HQ Ogres (puny by modern standards, with strange twirling limbs, but nice figures)
4 DnD Ogres
4 DnD Bugbears
5 DnD Gnolls


3 Marauder Archers
2 Beastmen
5 Chaos Warriors (4 HQ, 1 other)
1 Vintage Metal 1980s GW Chaos Warrior
1 HQ Chaos Sorceror
1 Chaos Lord with Lego Sword


12 HQ Henchmen (come with optional weapons, either greatsword, halberd, sword and shield or crossbow. I should have 6 of each but don't quite)
4 HQ Assorted Battle Wizards (Celestial, Jade, Amethyst/Light and Other)
2 Mounted Knights (fairly well painted)
6 Heroes (motley)


The motley heroes are the Heroquest elf and barbarian,
and the 4 heroes from the original Dungeonquest

1 HQ Dwarf Hero
1 Warhammer Dungeon Dwarf


The original GW restless dead

3 DnD Wraiths
12 HQ Skeletons
4 Skeletons (an older GW casting from an army box - really nice, but much smaller and more realistic than current)
6 DnD Skeletons (trident and net)
2 DnD Wights
1 DnD Liche
5 HQ zombies (one ginger)
6 HQ mummies

FA goblins and the wolves


2 night goblin archers
12 HQ goblins
2 plastic wolves, could take riders
2 GW goblin spearmen
40 FA goblin archers
6 DnD goblins

Left to Right - HQ orcs, DnD Goblins, Goblin Spearmen, HQ goblins


1 HQ Shaman
16 HQ orc warriors
39 FA Orc Boys
3 DnD trolls
6 HQ Fimir
3 DnD carrion crawlers

Fimir, Carrion Crawlers and DnD Trolls in classic 'Hey, I'm a Troll!' pose

Dark Elves

40 FA dark elf crossbow with the worst enamel paint you ever did see

High Elves

1 High Elf Archer


3 Bats
Bats and Elves

A note on the Listings

HQ = Heroquest, the MB game that started it all for me. Reasonable models designed by GW. Square bases with rounded edges premoulded on to the model. Some of the first painting I ever did, and appropriately awful as a result - I didn't believe in undercoating back then, and used enamel paint.

DnD = figures from a board game I got off ebay for floor tiles. Good models, but all in identical poses with integral bases, and made of some rubbery plastic that doesn't take paint very well. The Happy Spawn is an example, it's a carrion crawler.

FA = Fantasy Armies, a classic GW boxed set. 36 models for twenty quid or so. A good deal, except that they were from 6 different armies - Dwarves, Wood Elves, Dark Elves, Goblins, Orcs and Skaven. Me and my chums split a bunch of boxes between us, and I've managed to inherit three of them. Good standard GW models, but marred by either terrible paint, missing bases, static poses or the fact that they're all utterly identical. Army filler grade only, I'd say.

Let me know if there's any interest!


  1. Some (limited) interest in:

    1 HQ Ogre (just for the crack)
    3 HQ Assorted Battle Wizards (not the one in the red and grey though - I already got one. Well, two actually)
    2 Beastmen - are they plastic??
    4 Skeletons - Old GW
    2 night goblin archers
    2 plastic wolves
    2 GW goblin spearmen
    1 HQ Orc Shaman
    3 Bats

    Nice! - it looks like you have enough greenskins for the majority of a 1000pt army...

  2. The beastmen are plastic! Like a handful of the other models, they're from MB's largest joint venture with GW, Battlemasters (I think it was). Heaps of excellent models but in crap numbers and with useless bases. I gave it away years ago, that's where the wolves are from too.

    You're very welcome to that lot, I shall sling them over in the post at some point. Just remind me of your address.

    I'd be embarrassed to field that lot as an army these days. But they've done their time in the past!

    1. I don't know, with bases and the odd conversion, your greenskins could proudly grace the table once again - I have 100 of those 4th-Edition-boxed-set Goblins with spears which I'd love to paint up and field for old time's sake! ;-)

      You can put the aforementioned minis in the post if you like, but there's no hurry. Perhaps just bring them next time you visit UK? Gives us an excuse for a pint.

    2. I think I'm going to need all the bases to redo the vikings! Marauders and Warriors both seem to be on 25mm bases, annoyingly. And I need to find a 50mm square for Archaon too.

      I did almost paint up 40 black orcs for Woffboot VI, until I saw how much their points cost was. I think I'll finish one army before scraping together another, and there's nothing that kills my painting mood faster than 40 identical models, conversions aside!

      I'll be over in the UK in November for rehearsals, I could bring them then.

    3. November. Perfect. I love swapsies!

      I may have a few spare 25mm slotta bases - the bases on those vikings would prob amply cover the slots.

  3. HeroQuest
    The one that got me started: check
    First ever painting: check
    Crappy enamel paint jobs: big check

    I also have a lone, unpainted High Elf archer from the 4th ed. box set. I have no idea how it got there, but I suspect every gamer has one.

    Don't ever get rid of it - it's probably like the Tower of London's ravens.

  4. Good point. I'd hate to see the vast edifice of my gaming hobby coming crashing down around my ears.

    I have occasionally wondered about selling Heroquest on - I've got the original and all the expansions. But it's in terrible nick, many missing bits and pieces. And it's also an emotional keystone (see above).

  5. I've also got my old HeroQuest (with the 'Against the Ogre Horde' expansion pack) and it all seems to be in a pretty good state (aside from the hideous gloopy paint job on all the miniatures) - certainly enough to combine for a workable set.

    I've not played for 20 years, but I'd be up for proposing a 'Vintage Session' to a future WoffBoot and play the classic MB Game for an evening.

    If nothing else, it would produce the spectacle of veteran gamers trying to cope with such primitive mechanics as the skull/shield dice and 'broadsword' equipment card.

    1. Come on, now. AtOH introduced the advanced complexities of multiple wound monsters! That's tough stuff.

  6. I now have two sets of HQ (though only one set of rules) thanks to early intervention at a Sea Cadet Jumble Sale! Bring on the Vintage Session!

  7. One successful swapmeet completed! Kraken and Leofa: two happy customers.

    Kraken, if you have any more need for my bitzbox at a later date, I quite fancy a marauder archer (assuming they're plastic and all identical?) and the dungeonquest heroes (again, assuming they're plastic?)