Sunday, 23 September 2012

... The Boys To Entertain You!

A dash of flavour for Woffheim. They could be Hired Swords, they could be Dramatis Personae...

... frankly they're just any miniature in my collection that I fancied painting, to be filed under 'Miscellaneous'.

Orc's Nest - Dwarf Warrior
He got kicked out of his mercenary army.
He hopes to one day recruit a band of Dwarf Treasure Hunters
(work in progress).

Mordheim - Middenheim youngbloods
Two youngbloods: seeking the company of experienced Middenheimers.
Must have GSOH and beards.  

Orc's Nest - Invisible Thief
An invisible thief.
Her younger brother is a barbarian.

Orc's Nest - pilgrim
"Tell me, Mr. Anderson: what good is a phone call...
if you're unable to speak?"

Orc's Nest - knight
Just a regular knight, although his 'broken ankh'
symbol indicates allegiance to Mr Mumbles, above. 

Mordheim - Wardancer
He used to ride a Great Eagle, but it didn't work out.
Now he's a Wardancer for hire
(and the Eagle redirects charges for a living).

It's obvious that I painted a ninja.
It's not entirely obvious why.

Orc's Nest - warlock
Another fire wizard - rather odd stance.
I got his palantír all shiny with gloss varnish.
(to match his head - boom boom!)

Edward Dumond, cavalier
It was an easy colour scheme for this dandy.
Pick the most garish paints I had, and make them clash.

Edward Dumond, cavalier
That's right: you know the name.

The Fellowship of the Ring
I have no idea who these are supposed to be.

Invisible Frodo
Easiest model I ever did.
(which was the only reason I bought it)


  1. Good lord! Where did you get invisible Frodo there?

    1. Improbable as it sounds, I was looking around the website and just saw him...

    2. I may have picked him up with the Mines of Moria box set - a good way of getting all the Fellowship, lots more goblins, a troll and some scenery - in fact, he might have been added as a bonus for early ordering. Looks like he's out of production now. Vanished into thin air, you might say...