Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Nogg's Banner of Butchery

The most fearsome of all the giants who roamed the Badlands. Nogg had killed and eaten every creature who crossed his path, up to and including a lizardman carnosaur, whose flensed jawbone he wore as a trophy.

Nogg finally met his end when he stumbled across the incipient Waaagh! Bonekrunk. The Savage Orc warboss decided that he had enjoyed their headbutting contest so much, he would immortalise the titan on top of his battle standard, inspiring his boys to greater and bloodier deeds.

Quick severed head count: 11

Just a brief work-in-progress update (well, brief for you - try drilling the holes and see how you feel). My new battle standard bearer now has a battle standard.

The giant's head is one of two from the Metal Giant v2 (the first one is still atop the giant's shoulders). The way this one was sculpted - eyes half-closed, mouth half-open, tongue protruding, general expression of agony and surprise - he was just asking to be impaled on a spike.

I added some more banner effects - the tails from the wolf boyz banner (extended in the middle, so they would fit either side), and capped with the banner heads from two Savage Orc standard.

Remarkably, it looks quite promising. Even more remarkably, he doesn't fall over.


  1. I quite liked the old metal giant models. There was that classic one with the keg of ale and the tree trunk, a Marauder one I think. But it's only slightly taller than a modern ogre. Ah, change and decay in all around I see.

  2. A quick Google search suggests that your memory is playing you false.

    The Marauder giant is the same height as the modern plastic one, and it's the GW-issue pewter giant that is the teeny one.

    I know we're not supposed to admire the new stuff, but I quite like the evolution from 'big human' to something that could be its own species. It's always hard to portray 'giant' when there's no context to give scale.

    Not to mention Bone Giants, Chaos Giants, Cygors and the classic Giants of Albion, Cachtorr and Bologs.

  3. Wow, I really am way off the mark. I must stop relying on my memory.