Friday, 21 September 2012

... 'Cause The Boys Are Here...

The henchmen, the guards, the redshirts, the expendables... where would our heroes be without some hired lackeys to slaughter?

Gizza job!

These are all from the same sprue as my Free Company (in fact, the reason I did these was largely because I had fun converting the plastics), and so I did a bit of snipping and filing to try and make each one individual.

I chose the colours to be deliberately neutral: browns and creams mostly, like proper peasants. It also means that they can be swapped around between mercenary bands (I plan to have all three, though I only have Reiklanders at the moment) without affecting the overall look (naturally, that is far more important to me than equipment choice or playability).

I kept to the thin-layer-over-black-undercoat style, which made everything appropriately grubby. And when I did use inks and washes, it was mainly to dirty it up some more (or add stubble), rather than my usual ink-and-a-drybrush routine.

I'd had enough with modelling crossbows by this point.
But I hear missile troops are kind of important in the game, so added this pair.

"I ain't got time to bleed."

As they are considered elite, I made the Swordsmen a little bit fancier.
(but still needing a good wash at 90°)

Now isn't that the face of a man you'd trust with a dangerous, unstable firearm?

I would have liked to do more archers, as I enjoyed the look of these two.
(probably why some other models have arrows stuck in them)

After achieving the 'knuckleduster' effect with my Free Company,
I took it to the natural conclusion - Slugger O'Toole!

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