Thursday 7 December 2023

I'm a Barbed Girl


Back to the Hive Fleets! 

Barbgaunts are a new one, a kind of mini-Biovore and somewhere between them and other gaunts on the scale of things. Groovy sculpt, with its big spiny back and the hunky bioweapon. I like!

Five of them is not terribly exciting to paint, though, they are super identikit. Different stones under their hooves is about as different as they get, which is a shame. Hard to think how you could repose them or make them that different, in fairness. 

They're tripods, for one, which limits how you distribute your weight and thus your stance. Maybe a blinking gun? Or one in the process of firing spikes? 

Anyway, the other guy on the table this week was easier to convert, not least because I didn't like the stock build. 

Behold the Flying Warrior Prime, now with actual wings! Which were taken from a Dungeons and Lasers Dark Pegasus. It also looks better without them. It was modelled with a horn, and as any MLP fan knows, that makes it a Dark Alicorn, which was totally out of order. 

Probably time to get a Tyranids game going, really, check out the new codex and some of these new troopers. Or I could just keep painting. 


  1. They look great! I love the new wings on the Prime, much, much better than the original (and surely more sensible for the wings to be the upper set)