Monday, 5 June 2023

INT: Natural History Museum

Apologies - this week's batch is full-on doll's house furniture for geeky men. 

As though it hadn't been exactly that for ages, of course. This stuff really is verging on the ridiculous, the kind of roleplaying items that any sensible nerd would represent with card tokens or a scratchily drawn icon on the wipe-clean map surface. 

But I am no sensible nerd! Therefore here's a ton of very tiny plastic junk, representing a variety of botanic discoveries from somebody's trip up the fantasy Amazon. 

Lewis and Clerk slept here

Pot sherds and a fossil

Pootle - this lot's for you

These are for Indy

Left to Right: Pen's Pineapple Palm, Venus Mantrap, the Prickly Pine and Phallus Rosacea, or Knob Rose


Left to Right: Flappy Pox Cap, Sporulating Ink Skull, Luminous Amethyst and Agaric Rex

Professor Challenger's Tent

Professor Challenger's Tent (reverse)

The dinghy

The Jolly Boat

I am officially burnt out for scenery for the moment. Is the new 40K about to appear for preorder? That's purely coincidental, and I shall prove that with the next batch. 


  1. Wonderful stuff, and I'm thrilled you were thinking of me when painting up those spider cocoons - thank you so much...

  2. What are these? I'd commit several unspecified crimes for those fossils.

    1. They're very tiny! Stuff from Dungeons and Lasers: Encounters, a recent kickstarter from Archon games in Poland. Brilliant stuff, and I think now available on their website somewhere.