Tuesday, 30 May 2023

EXT: Crossroads

 Are we nearly there yet?

No, no we aren't, there are literal reams of grey plastic terrain still waiting implacably for their turn. It's not putting me off though, I'm still grafting away. 

This week, a few smaller scatter pieces, mostly from the Elven Woods set. If you are tired and want to go to bed, these will show you the way to go home. 

The signposts in particular weren't very stable by themselves. They'd make great extra detail for a base, which I did wonder about, but in the end I stuck them to little circles of card, sand and flock. 

The other bits come from your standard adventurer's campsite stuff, the rest of which is already underway. A trunk to park your bum (and sword), a leafy bivouac and a nice wee fire. If only I had marshmallows on sticks to the right scale. 

There is light at the end of this terrain tunnel, but only because they left the light on in the next subway station.


  1. You've defined your next terrain project in here: scale marshmallows on sticks please

    1. It's in the queue, just after I finish the cyberpunk city rooftop and Venetian canal tables I've been planning.

  2. From totem poles to subway holes. Good work!