Monday, 30 January 2023

EXT: Wrecked Roof

 Yeah, still on the decaying concrete. Bronze eagles this time though, which counts as an upgrade.

The theme for this batch was wall-toppers. Plenty of small fiddly pieces, not terribly exciting to paint but glad to burn through them and have them done. Worst is the broken column bit, which I counted 19 of. This means there is a twentieth bit lurking in a box somewhere and I'll have to do it later, grinding my teeth all the while. 

There were a few nicer bits to spice it up (bins, leaky barrels, statues, etc), and I got inspired and did some freehand graffiti on one of the walls, then repeated the theme for a wall from last time. All good, anyway, and I've got less to go before the end now! The next batch is a stinker, sadly, but I'm gritting my teeth and getting on with it. 

Column heads (intact)

Column heads (broken)

Toxic sludge

City founders. Something tells me it wasn't peacefully founded, despite that bishop.

Scatter pieces

Got to shore up those sagging sections

Broken walls to either top off a structure or make low-lying cover with

So now I can make nice little backdrops like this!


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