Monday, 23 January 2023

EXT: Abandoned Workshop

 Finally! Several weeks of painting grey in a myriad of different shades has paid off. 

Archon's Ruined City terrain here, from their last Rampart kickstarter. Cracking stuff as ever, but this is really one of their best yet. Exactly the kind of detail you want your city battles to have as backdrop, plus it's modular. 

This batch was the 2x4 floors, the last 4x4 floors and all the longer wall pieces, plus a pair of eagle statues that will eventually be column toppers. I can't exactly use it as intended yet, I need to get through quite a lot of small sections that slot along the top of walls, but it already looks great, and mocking together a two-story house (using a handful of bits I'd already done) was ridiculous fun. Nothing more to say for now, just a long scroll through various facades to look through. Less of a slog than painting them was, I suspect. 

Floors first, the least fun to paint. 

Lot of flat grey surfaces, plus lots of fiddly bits on the underside, which are unlikely to see a lot of light!

Then we're into walls, which are somehow more fun to paint. They have an interior side with shattered tiles, and an exterior with distressed concrete. It's like being in a trendy restaurant in Hackney.

Finally, a house! You can see the gaps between levels, which will later be filled by long thin clips that hold the bits together.

Side view, plus the ramp I'd already done

Interior. It's homely.

So homely, I've moved in. 

Plenty more to go - 1x1 floors and short walls next - but with a bit of luck, time for something else first!


  1. These look amazing, I particularly love your trademark tiny posters, hazard warnings and ageing

  2. That kit is lovely. Excellent paintwork too.