Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Smiley's People

There are worse things than Christmas Flu.

Pox Walkers for the Death Guard of Leofa, checking in! Jolly models all, blessed with as many extra horns, big wobbly buboes and tiny maggots as anyone could wish for. I find increasingly, in fact, that I could wish for fewer. Every time you think you've finished a model, another half dozen miniscule details seep out of its crevices, and it's back to the painting board.

Fun stuff, all the same, and mostly achieved with drybrushing and washes. I've done my best to keep them colourful and varied, as if ever I saw a ragtag unit, this is it. Tell you what I'd really like to see, and that's a box of Imperial Civilians by the same sculptor - all these disease-ridden wrecks have got backstory to them, some hint of their job or role before they got the Nurgle Trots, and they're great.

From what I understand, they're best in even bigger units than this mob of sixteen. A great tarpit unit, cheap and fairly rubbish, but hard to kill and prone to regenerating in hand to hand. Everything they kill comes back as another poxwalker, which is a nice rule! Unless you happen to be fighting them, of course. Then it's a bastard.

Painting Guide:

  • Basecoat - Death Guard Green, I think? 
  • Skin - Cadian Fleshtone, Reikland Flesh Wash then spots of Carroberg Crimson or Druchii Violet on 'sick' bits, Eldar Flesh drybrush, Averland Sunset or Pallid Wych Flesh or Khorne Red on spots, Red Ink finish. Green ones given a Bieltan Green wash over basecoat and then Nurgling Green drybrush. Brown ones in Rhinox Hide, Nuln Oil, Dryad Bark plus Kislev Flesh drybrush. Maggots in Pallid Wych Flesh. 
  • Eyes - Tentacle Pink with Red Ink, Black spot
  • Grins - Pallid Wych Flesh, Tentacle Pink lips, Red Ink edging
  • Clothes - A mix of Deathworld Green, Skavenblight Dinge and Eshin Grey washed with Nuln Oil or Agrax and drybushed with either Tyrant Skull, Underhive Ash or Longbeard Grey
  • Blades and Metal - Skavenblight Dinge, Nuln Oil, Leadbelcher drybrush
  • Horns - Ushabti Bone, Agrax Earthshade, Tyrant Skull
  • Tentacles - Genestealer Purple, Druchii Violet, Genestealer Purple again, Tentacle Pink highlights
  • Bases - Sand and PVA with Ochre weathering powder mixed in, then the same weathering power brushed on top to finish

Plenty more Nurgle to come! Hope I get through all of it by the 'Boot...

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