Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Rotten in the State

A final trio of HQ choices, and the Death Guard force for the Swoffboot is done!

More to come for the Plague God, mind you, in the form of various daemonic accomplices, but they can wait until an army list calls for them. There are other, more urgent units clamouring for attention just now.

Sneezy the sorcerer is pretty cool. Should the spew cone begin a little nearer his mouth, perhaps? Or am I just being massively picky? The billowing mass of filth is nicely done, anyway. Reminds me of the flavour text in Lost and the Damned that describes the Plague Wind spell. Tasty.

Ringer Bell here is very reminiscent of the Putrid Blightkings musician, I think. Not that surprising given they hang with the same kind of crew. The bell definitely looks like it goes 'tunk' when it rings. If it rings, it might be too rusted.

This is the leader of this gangrenous pack, wielding his special mulching axe. Frightening as his axe-faced helm is, it does make you fear for his binocular vision somewhat.

No painting guide this time - it's basically the same broad colours as the Plague Marines had, with a bit more orangey rust and algal wash than last time. I broke out some vintage Dwarf Bronze for the bells at one point, only to sigh to myself as I remembered that even if the shelf life of citadel colours is crapper than in its heyday, it's not all been backwards progress. Those old metallics really are pretty naff, this one barely even shines. Guess that's okay on a Nurgle bell, mind you.

Right! Just a few quick Tyranids and about two square feet of terrain to go, and I'm Swoffboot Ready. Which is probably a # of some kind.


  1. Vile, disgusting and putrid.... just the job :-) nice painting.

    1. Cheers! I only used some of my own bodily fluids to complete the task.

  2. Nice work on Sneezy, Bashful and Sleepy.

    Hang on ... Nurgle's number is seven. I think I'm onto something here.