Sunday, 21 January 2018

Prime Time

Went and squeezed a quick command squad into my Nurgle themed January, didn't I.

The lists I'm fielding for next month's 'Boot are very nearly done, but each of them have five models or so that weren't painted. Hobby bully that I am, I'm insisting on fully-painted WYSIWYG (or as near as possible, anyway), so I'd better set a good example!

Four specialist squaddies for the Tempestus Scions, then, who can either give weapon options to existing squads or be fielded as a Command Squad in their own right.

I don't really like their banner, so I eschewed that for a medic. Who also has a Vox pack, so I can already laugh in the face of my own WYSISWYGgery and claim he's got one or the other. Bah - I need to paint his monocle cable, I now spot. Never a dull moment, honestly.

The plasma gun option in the kit is monopose, hefting his gun in one arm and pointing. Well, I've already done that one! So a bit of clipping swapped out a Volley Gun for a Plasma Gun. The only spare bit I had was a little... chaotic? But I'm sure the Commissar won't mind. Gets Hot will probably save him an execution shot.

Finally, the Tempestus Prime in person. Awesome greatcoat, makes me kind of want to run out and buy one.

The head is from the Frostgrave Barbarian kit, a suitably grouchy-looking hipster. Command Rod option in hand, which slightly looks like he's recording voxpops for a local news channel.

"Major Optimo, Grimdark Daily. Where do you see the Death Guard in a year's time?"
Painting Guide:

  • Same as last time except for the 
  • Greatcoat - Basecoat Corax White, Nuln Oil, Rakarth Flesh, Seraphim Sepia, Pallid Wych Flesh highlights
  • Gold Trim - Balthasar Gold, Auric Armour Gold highlights, the odd dab of Stormhost Silver

That's the Tempestus army fully prepped for battle now. Death Guard and Tyranids still to come!

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