Friday, 12 January 2018

Just the Fex, Ma'am

I cannot lie. I like big bugs.

This living tank creature, the Tyrannofex, is one of the heaviest options the Tyranids can bring to bear. Not that it can't fall to dedicated heavy weapons fire, but it's either going to soak a round of shooting or two, or it's going to be up in your grill, puking acid on everything and possibly even absorbing overwatch fire for your lesser beetles.

This one's the Rupture Cannon variety, the big anti-armour gun.

My wife identified it as a crayfish, which is alarming, seeing as it's her favourite food. Doesn't matter how many vowels are in your month, if the shellfish is green, don't eat it.

They look more and more like watermelons each time I paint one, speaking of food comparisons. Excellent, now I'm hungry.

Magnets aren't really my thing, because they cost extra money. So if I want weapon options, I need to drill holes and make pins. The forearms are therefore swappable, thanks to some chopped up paperclips and a small chunk of my thumb, given in supplication to the dark gods of hobby.

Fleshborer Hives, the anti-infantry gun.
The Adrenaline Gland upgrades. Medically, I'm not sure that calling it an adrenaline gland is really accurate - the name means 'over the kidneys' from the Latin. But maybe Tyranids keep their kidneys in their upper rear thighs, so fair enough. 

They don't swap in terribly easily, alas, it's a fiddle as the base gets in the way a bit, but they're a good solid fit that won't fall off during combat. That's a plus in combat attachments, my military sources inform me.

This is the Acid Spray, a massive flamer basically. Easily the hardest to take on and off, the pins that hold the dangly tubes on went a bit wonky.

Painting Guide:

  • Basic colours as per the previous 'Nids
  • Heavy Carapace - washed with two coats of Green Ink, edged with Putrid Green
  • Weapon Symbiotes - Incubi Darkness, Nuln Oil, Incubi Darkness to Kabalite Green to Kabalite Green plus White Scar layers
  • Bulging Sacs - Barbarian Flesh, Reikland Fleshshade, spots of Druchii Purple in places, highlights of Ulthuan Grey plus Wrack Flesh

Just over a month until the 'Boot, and my painting queue is pretty much clear (a couple of scratch built things to fiddle with, but nothing essential). Which is good, I need to rest up. There's an army incoming that needs painting in its entirety before the tournament begins.

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