Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Scout Car

Break's over! Back to the war.

Scouts again. They're a nice relaxed quintet, these five. Just taking it easy, having a sit and a rest before the next wave of alien menaces arrive to attack. 

Rather like me, actually, I've been on holiday for the last few weeks. Paint fatigue was setting in, probably caused by painting too many Adeptus Astartes and genestealer cultists, then thinking that I'd mix it up by painting that USCM and Xenomorph set. They're still Space Marines and Xenos, dummy.

They weren't always the grey camo pattern you see here. I got my wires crossed and thought I had free choice of colours, but it turned out they were supposed to match the other scouts from earlier this year. So my original choice of red, yellow and white got a hasty recoating, and we'll pretend it never happened. 

There was this whole classic playing card scheme I had worked out, with ace to ten insignia and everything. Ah well! Another time. 

Leofa is quite the master of kitbashing, and despite their humble appearances, these five are no exceptions. For as somnolent as they appear, they are in fact ready to spring into action at a moment's notice. On their hover chariot!

All aboard!
Bet they play mailbox baseball. Only with Ork heads. And chainswords. So Orkbox Chainball. Or as we call it today, 40K.

Yup, Leofa has lovingly magnetised them so they can pop off their bases and onto this Land Speeder Storm. Amazing work, some very patient work with glue and earth magnets there. There is a video somewhere of them being assembled and reassembled, taken at the last 'Boot, and if we're lucky Stylus may be able to add it to the blog at some stage. Stay tuned! 

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  1. That's an epic bit of magnetising - sadly, the video of it all coming together was only available to view for 24 hours by followers of the WoffBoot Instagram (i.e. no-one) before being deleted forever.

    This was entirely deliberate and in no way a consequence of my not understanding the digital medium.