Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Brayherd Battletome

Always the neglected sibling of the chaos faction, if the absence of a battletome for the Brayherds gets your goat, then look no further than this splendid hobby creation:

An unofficial battletome by Hobbyhammer, this is easily as good as the real thing: fluff, battleplans, warscrolls, allegiance and artefacts, pitched battle and skirmish points - all of it laid out in the recognisable Age of Sigmar style.

(There is even a hobby section - check out page 33 for a contribution by our very own WoffBoot.)

Judging by their inclusion in General's Handbook 2017, we won't getting an official Brayherd book for a while, so this will do very nicely.

It's almost enough to make me want to paint up the remainder of my Brayherd models, after this battalion box somehow fell into my eBay basket...

Just fell in there, I tell you.

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