Monday, 19 June 2017

What's That You Saih?

99% of my collection may be boxed up in storage, but a brave few models have escaped the all-encompassing bubble-wrap, like the Fellowship fleeing Khazad-dûm.

Nothing but single-figure updates for the foreseeable. So let's start with the Mistweaver Saih!

This is the third hero I've done for the Silver Tower (fourth, if you could the Gryph-Hound, and only a heart of stone wouldn't) - although I had fully expected it to be the last.

Maybe because GW haven't fully realised their Age of Sigmar Aelves yet, but I had a hard time getting a handle on the figure: whispy staff, whispy base, floaty skirt, swirly hair - it's not easy to find something to build a colour scheme around.

(And I don't think I'm alone here - across the Internet, the Mistweaver has the most varied paint scheme of all the heroes, so it seems no-one can agree on what she should look like).

Also, I was fearful of ruining all those delicate lines with thick blobby paint from the brush held in my thick, blobby fingers. So I eschewed paint and went straight to the washes!

Mistweaver Saih for Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower
Truth Saih

The model was primed grey, and I immediately gave it a drybrush of Stormhost Silver (an idea borrowed from Some Guy On Twitter). I then washed the skirt with Coelia Green, Drakenhof Nightshade for the helmet/weapons/armour and the hair with Fuegan Orange. Basically aiming for something shimmering and ethereal with a wash-over-drybrush.

The skirt and armour came out well, but I was really pleased with the hair and I'll certainly be using that again in the future.

Fairly standard after that: Flayed One Flesh for the skin, Retributor Armour for the gold trim, Charcoal for the leggings, Ahriman Blue for the sash and our new friend, Nihilakh Oxide with a white drybrush for the mist.

Mistweaver Saih for Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower
Leo Saih

It was fairly quick to turn around, for all my misgivings. It's a nice model, although oddly two-dimensional, despite the effort that has gone into making it full realised. Because the model is so thin, and leaping forward dynamically, it's mostly front or back - but front-on, it could hide behind a lamp-post with no difficulty.

Now the Tenebrael Shard takes its place as my least-anticipated Silver Tower hero. Curse you, Aelves!

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